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Crafting Compelling Narratives for
Lasting Brand Impressions

At Octopus & Jam, we understand that a brand is more than a logo; it’s a living, breathing entity with a story waiting to be told. Our Brand Concept & Storytelling services are meticulously designed to transform your brand into a captivating narrative that resonates with your audience and leaves a lasting impression in the digital realm.

Why Invest in Brand Concept & Storytelling?

Humanize Your Brand

Your brand has a unique personality, values, and journey. We specialize in humanizing your brand, making it relatable and memorable to your audience.

Create Emotional Connections

Emotions drive customer loyalty. Our storytelling techniques evoke genuine emotions, establishing a profound connection between your brand and your audience.

Differentiate Your Brand

In the sea of digital noise, differentiation is key. A compelling brand story sets you apart, showcasing the essence of your business and what makes it truly special.

Why Choose Octopus & Jam for Brand Concept & Storytelling?

Unlock the true potential of your brand with compelling storytelling. At Octopus & Jam, we
are passionate about turning your brand into a captivating story that resonates with your
audience. Let’s get on a journey to uplift your brand narrative together.

1. Strategic Approach:

Our storytelling goes beyond narratives; it’s a strategic approach aligned with your business goals.

2. Creative Excellence:

Collaborating across disciplines, our team of creatives, writers, and designers ensures storytelling that captivates and inspires.

3. Measurable Impact:

We believe in measurable results. Our storytelling strategies are designed to tangibly impact brand perception and audience engagement.

Client Success Stories

Discover how our Brand Concept & Storytelling services have transformed brands. Read about the challenges faced, our strategic approach, and the positive impact on brand perception.

Educational Resources

Delve into the world of brand storytelling with our educational resources. Learn about narrative structures, storytelling techniques, and how to infuse authenticity into your brand story.

Ready to craft a compelling story for your brand?

Schedule a consultation with our experts to discuss how we can elevate your brand narrative.


How long does the brand design process take?

The duration depends a lot on your requirements, complexity, and scope of work. On average, branding design takes around 4 weeks or longer. When we scope your project, we will tell you exactly how long your branding project will take.

Will the brand identity designs you provide be unique?

Absolutely! You can reverse image search any concept or variation we provide, and even individual design components. Each deliverable of our brand identity design services is made from scratch and tailored to your brand!

Who will I work with?

You will initially communicate with your account manager, who will assist with the project scoping. Once the project commences, you will be onboarded by your project manager, who will also assign all of the tasks behind the scenes, keep you updated on the progress, and share deliverables every 1-3 working days.

Do I get ownership rights?

Certainly! All rights to all concepts and variations developed during your project, including the final designs, will be transferred to you. We will, however, reserve the right (unless discussed otherwise in advance) to present the work done for you as part of our portfolio. You will also receive all source files.

What brand identity design services do you provide?

We offer a complete spectrum of brand identity design services, including logo design, typography, color palettes, iconography, brand guidelines, 3D graphics, motion graphics, illustrations, print design, packaging design, social media posts, templates for various customer-facing marketing collateral as well as website design and development.

Do you offer a branding package for small businesses?

Our standard subscription is an ideal branding package for small businesses. Even within a month, we can realistically devise a high-end logo, brand guidelines, and brand stationery, which will be more than sufficient for launch at a fraction of typical agency branding fees.

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