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Cafe Delan

Café De’Lan stands true to its name, it will indeed own your heart!

A spacious and colourful restaurant with an expansive dining space and outdoor seating right in the heart of Sector 104, Noida. Noida is turning into a foodie paradise with new concept restaurants leading the way to redefining eating out with friends and family.
The newly opened Café De’Lan is admittedly bringing something new to the table. It is truly “A Place for all Your Moods.”Café De’lan is known for its authentic taste in dishes. It offers its customers a wide menu with a variety of cuisines ranging from continental to modern Indian.


Brand Identity

“Embodying ‘A Place for all Your Moods,’ Café De’Lan’s branding revolves around this ethos. From the vibrant orange hues in our branding to the tropical ambiance of the café, every detail is meticulously designed to cater to diverse moods. The branding reflects a harmonious blend of vibrant energy and relaxed tropical vibes, ensuring an inviting experience for all who step through the doors.”

Menu Design

Website Design

Social Media Management

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